5 Class Challenge – Level 1

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Hurry this quiz will be going soon. Can you get Gold before it changes?

  • Bronze Up to 30% correct answers
  • Silver 30% - 60% correct answers
  • Gold 60%-100% correct answers

Bon courage!

  • 1. Try out the good old game of memory and see if you can match up the prepositions
  • 2. Try guessing and saying the answer out loud before revealing it by turning the card
  • 3. See how you do in this short vocab check
  • 4. Have a go at completing this text with regular ER verbs, Etre and some prepositions. Can you get Gold?
  • 5. Listen to Julie reading out some vocabulary from La famille Martinez text. See how many you can write down

La Famile Martinez

Audio Le/la Text 1.

Created by Ellie Louis. Read by Julie Fracik


Reveal the answers to check what you have written down. How did you do?

Felicitations . 5 Star Challenge!

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